Outcomes Research Group, Inc.

This is a different kind of HEOR company.

We recognize that each project is vital to our clients.  Yet each project is vitally important to us, because doing excellent work is our biggest source of fulfillment.  We won't have it any other way.  Plain and simple. 

Each important task of each project is performed by the same veteran HEOR specialist.  This means the same person will work with you to determine the most appropriate research questions to be answered, develop the study protocol's research design and analysis methods, design the data collection process and instruments, analyze the data, and write the report and manuscript.  No important task is assigned to junior staff.

We are a small company, yet have performed over 130 studies, authored over 60 peer-review medical journal articles, presented at over 40 conferences, and served on over 50 Advisory Boards.

Our work has involved prescription drugs, biologicals and medical devices; large and small biopharma companies, device manufacturers and trade associations.  These activities include most therapeutic categories, product life-cycle stages and competitive environments.  There is little we have not encountered.  Our clients benefit from this experience.  Nevertheless, if there is a situation for which we believe a client would be best served with a different HEOR supplier, we have, and will, so advise.

Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.
Arnold H. Glasow